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Teenagers’ lack of impulse control leads to risky behaviour

Ontario residents may be interested a recent article discussing teenagers’ lack of impulse control and participation in extreme sports. While some suggest that participation in risky behaviour is part of the developmental process, lack of government regulations might leave teenagers exposed to unnecessary injuries.

Research shows that teenagers have two systems in their minds that seemingly work against each other. At a young age, the system that seeks rewards has fully matured, pushing teenagers to crave thrilling experiences. However, their ability to control impulses has not been fully developed.… Continue Reading


Driver charged for crash that killed 1, injured 1

A 22-year-old man who was involved in a car accident that occurred in Ontario was faced with additional charges while in court on June 10. According to the report, the accident took place on Lauzon Road just south of Tranby Avenue at approximately 2:50 a.m. on April 4.

The man was reportedly driving a Chevrolet Blazer in the northbound lanes when the vehicle was struck by a Chevrolet Impala and flipped over several times. One of the two vehicles struck a traffic pole, causing serious damage.… Continue Reading

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Ontario motor vehicle accident takes life of 2 motorcyclists

A motor vehicle accident involving a car, an SUV and a motorcycle has resulted in the death of two people and injuries to another person. The accident occurred around 5 p.m. June 7 on Highway 17 between Veuve River Bridge and Sutcliffe Road in the town of Markstay-Warren, which is about 50 kilometres east of Sudbury. A man was driving a car east on Highway 17 at the same time that an SUV and a motorcycle were headed in the opposite direction.… Continue Reading

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1 suffers serious injuries in car accident

A six-car pileup on June 3 in Pickering resulted in four individuals suffering injuries that ranged from minor to life threatening. According to police, the accident occurred just before 4 p.m. when a Dodge minivan that was heading west on Highway 7 by Concession 6 crossed into the oncoming lane, causing it to collide with a Hyundai sedan. Shortly after the initial collision, four other vehicles crashed into the wreck.

The 30-year-old Whitby man who was driving the Hyundai was hospitalized with life-threatening injuries.… Continue Reading

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Owen Sound Long-Term Disability Claim Allowed: Great West Life

The Issue: A recent case illustrates the factors considered by a Court in determining whether an employee qualifies for long-term disability coverage.

This Case Situation

A personal banking officer, a 37 year old married mother of two, worked for the Bank of Nova Scotia for approximately 4 years prior to applying for short-term disability benefits (“STD”) and then long-term disability benefits (“LTD”) as a result of anxiety and depression problems.

Her anxiety was related to panic attacks, which would manifest itself with tightness in her chest, shortness or lack of breath and also becoming disoriented and physically shaking.… Continue Reading

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Coverage Denial for Highway 417 Accident: Lending Car to Unlicensed Driver

The Issue: If you lend your car to someone who doesn’t have a proper driver’s license, who then gets into a car accident, are you (as owner) denied coverage from the resulting lawsuit by the other driver who was hurt in the accident?

This Case Situation

In this recent case, a 23 year old bank employee lent his vehicle to his girlfriend, with whom he had been together with for 5 months.

Unfortunately, the girlfriend got into a car accident, at which point it was revealed to the boyfriend (car owner) that she only had a G1 driver’s license, which was a restricted learner’s driver’s license.… Continue Reading

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