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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Whiplash is a common but painful neck injury

Your neck is a very flexible part of your body. Think of how many different ways you can move your head. All of that movement is made possible by your neck. When you are involved in a car accident, the flexibility of your neck can lead to an injury known as whiplash. This is because the extreme movements of your neck during the accident might injure the structures, such as the discs, ligaments and muscles, that are part of your neck.… Continue Reading


Seek compensation for brain injuries after accidents

As we discussed last week, brain injuries can lead to a variety of changes in the victim. We focused on the emotional changes that might occur in the brain injury victim. Those changes, however, are only a small sampling of the overall changes that can occur. Some brain injury victims might suffer from hearing difficulties, fine motor skill troubles, memory issues and difficulty learning. All of this can make life very challenging for the victim.

We know that coping with a brain injury isn’t easy.… Continue Reading