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Referrals from Lawyers and Paralegals

Bougadis Law Professional Corporation are former insurance defence lawyers. We have seen what the insurance companies can do and can anticipate their moves. We know that sometimes they will push a position that they know is unreasonable simply because they know that many lawyers will counsel clients to accept a lower settlement to avoid litigation.Litigation is all we do.

Rather than pushing their clients to accept settlements that are not reasonable in an attempt to avoid Court, we offer other legal professionals an alternative. They can use the services of Bougadis Law Professional Corporation as litigation counsel and refer their valued clients to us if Court is unavoidable. We see referrals from lawyers and paralegals as both a compliment and a testament to our skill and experience. We believe it frees other legal professionals to provide excellent service focused on settlement, while trusting that their clients will receive experienced litigation counsel, if it becomes necessary.

Appeals and Personal Injury

Our litigators also have extensive appellate experience in Divisional Court and the Court of Appeal for Ontario. This area of law is very different from Trial advocacy and relies heavily on very formalized practices. We are comfortable in this environment and even more comfortable taking cases for other lawyers to the Appeal level, if appropriate.

We also take it as a compliment that many lawyers and paralegals in the Greater Toronto Area turn to us with their own personal injury cases and refer friends and family to us. We see this as recognition of our skill and success and as a show of trust in our abilities.

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