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Toronto Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer

A car crash can change your life. Suddenly, your work, home life, mobility and abilities may be changed, possibly forever. Your future may look very different from what you expected.A motor vehicle accident in Oakville or Richmond Hill can result in all sorts of injuries, including:

  • Broken bones and sprains
  • Psychological and emotional effects such as depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”)
  • Spinal cord injuries, up to and including paralysis
  • Brain injuries: traumatic brain injuries (“TBI”) and post-concussive syndrome (“PCS”)

Unless your injuries are catastrophic, you probably still need to keep managing the rest of your life, including your job and family, as you deal with your accident. It can be difficult to understand what to do, particularly right after the injury happens. You may be faced with many unknowns as you try to heal from your injuries, get benefits and decide whether to pursue a claim against the driver or third party who injured you.

Accident victims have many questions about what to do post-accident. We can answer them.

Car Crash Lawyers Serving Oakville, Richmond Hill, Toronto and Surrounding Areas in Southern Ontario

Our accident lawyers will help you get the benefits you need and pursue a claim against the driver or third party who injured you if appropriate. We will explain all of your rights and options under Ontario insurance law and help you deal with both the insurance companies and the legal system.

We can help you in other practical terms as well. Our motor vehicle accident lawyers for the Greater Toronto Area are in contact with other professionals who can help you, including long term care medical specialists, home and personal care assistants, disabled home renovators and contractors, disabled van customizers and case managers especially if your injuries are catastrophic.

We also have trusted service providers who can help you adapt if your injuries are permanent. These include professionals who can help modify your house and vehicles to allow for disabilities, as well as nurses and other personal care workers.

Our lawyers can also help you if you have lost a family member in a fatal accident. We can help you obtain economic compensation and put you in touch with other specialized professionals who can help your family through your loss.

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