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Toronto Disability Claims Lawyer

Disability insurance is supposed to replace your income when you are not able to work. It is generally purchased by individuals or provided by employers. Typically, it is available in addition to your statutory eligibility under the Canada Pension Plan (“CPP”) Disability Program. There are many kinds of disability insurance:

  • Short-Term Disability (“STD”): This is intended for periods of time when you are unable to work due to accident or serious illness, but still assume that you will return fairly soon.
  • Long-Term Disability (“LTD”): This is intended for longer periods of time, usually six months or more. Plans vary in terms of how much of your income is replaced by LTD, how long you need to be off of work to qualify, and what kinds of health conditions are covered. As well, most plans will cover you for two (2) years if you are unable to work in your own job, i.e. “own” occupation, and then only continue coverage if you are unable to do any job, i.e. “any” occupation. It is important to understand what is and is not covered in your LTD policy.
  • Critical Illness Insurance: This is intended to provide a lump sum of money if you become critically ill with an illness such as: cancer; kidney failure; heart attack; or stroke.
  • Canada Pension Plan (“CPP”) Disability Program: This Canadian federal government benefit is available to anybody who is completely unable to work at any job, and, if you have LTD coverage, works in conjunction with your LTD coverage.

Problems Claiming Disability

Our disability claims lawyers have experience with clients who are denied the disability benefits they deserve. Your insurance company may:

  • Claim that you are not truly disabled, especially if your disability involves a psychological condition such as depression or post-traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”)
  • Have social media pictures of you doing activities that show that you should be able to work
  • Claim that your particular disability is not covered under your plan
  • Try to force you to take a job that does not take into account your age, training, education, or experience

If you have been denied benefits, we would like to know why. Our Long-Term Disability lawyer for Oakville, Southern Ontario, and Toronto will determine whether your insurance company has acted fairly and, if it has not, we will fight for you, using medical and non-medical professionals to prove your disability. We will make sure you are not forced to take a job that you should not have to take.

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