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Toronto Commercial Insurance Law

At Bougadis Law Professional Corporation, we act for commercial entities, businesses, and professionals in Toronto who have either been let down by their insurance companies or who have legitimate commercial, contractual, or tort, disputes with third parties requiring litigation of arbitration.When you are running a business, you purchase insurance so that your livelihood is protected if anything goes wrong. If your business has been damaged or interrupted by flood, fire, mold or other damage, you may not have the luxury of waiting for benefits as your business continues to suffer while the damage is not fixed or compensated.

Insurance companies refuse benefits for many reasons, including:

  • Insurance Broker error such as failing to pay premiums or complete insurer policy forms correctly
  • Insufficient proof of interruption to your business
  • Insufficient proof of the cause of the damage
  • Overlapping or excess coverage disputes between multiple insurance policies
  • Inadequate coverage
  • Bad faith involving instances in which the insurance company knows or ought to have known that your claim is valid, but pressures you to accept a lower settlement

Our Toronto lawyers are experienced in both commercial insurance law and commercial litigation can help you get the coverage and legal representation you deserve.

Professional Negligence

We also act for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, broker, and financial planners who are involved in lawsuits that their provincially regulated associations or college insurer does not cover.

As a professional, you purchase professional liability insurance because no matter how skilful you are, sometimes events beyond your control may cause your patients or clients damage, and sometimes you may either make an honest mistake or be wrongfully named in a Civil lawsuit through no fault of your own. When your client suffers damage and you are blamed for it, your insurance company is supposed to protect you. If your insurance company refuses to protect you, you may be liable for a great deal in damages.

If you have professional liability insurance of any kind, including Directors and Officers (D&O) or Errors and Omissions (E&O) liability or professional malpractice insurance, you deserve support from your insurance company. Our lawyers for professional negligence insurance lawsuits will litigate to ensure that you are given the insurance coverage you paid for.

We will help you seek defence and indemnity from your insurer, as well as damages for bad faith if your insurer has knowingly tried to defeat your legitimate claim. We will also act as counsel in partially insured claims where the damages claimed by the plaintiff are more than your coverage provides or, legitimately, not covered by your professional negligence insurance policy due to the nature of the claim.

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Those in business and professional practice deserve to know that when they need it, their insurance company will be there for them. Let Bougadis Law Professional Corporation help make sure you get the professional support you paid for. Contact us at 416-703-2402 for a free consultation.