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Toronto Sport Injury Lawyer

Whether they happen to a nine (9) year-old child at school or to a weekend warrior, sports accidents are far more common than most people realize. Most are not pursued in Court because victims do not believe it is worth the lawsuit. However, mishaps during sports can cause all sorts of serious injuries, including:

Sports Accidents: Richmond Hill and Oakville Areas

Although we all accept some amount of risk when playing sports, we trust that some parts of the sports experience should not be risky. For example, we trust that coaches and referees are well-trained and will not put players in danger, especially when the players are minors. We trust that sports equipment is properly made and maintained. We trust that the schools, arenas, fields and community centres where we play are also safe and properly maintained. We trust that other players will follow the rules of the game to the best of their ability.

When that trust is broken, players can be seriously and permanently hurt.

If you have been hurt, our sport injury lawyers for the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario can help you determine if there was any wrongdoing or negligence involved and who caused your injuries.

Players who cause harm to others usually have homeowners’ insurance that covers those injuries. Fields, arenas and schools that host games and organizations that train referees or run sports leagues also have commercial general liability (“CGL”) insurance for these purposes, as do manufacturers and maintainers of sports equipment.

We can make sure that they compensate you for your injuries. However, it is important to talk to us before talking to the lawyers or adjusters for the insurance company of the player, arena, organization or manufacturer that caused your injury.

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