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Personal Injury Lawyers Serving Toronto

Bougadis Law Professional Corporation is a boutique litigation firm representing clients in cases involving personal injury, disability, insurance, medical malpractice, professional negligence, wrongful dismissal and commercial litigation. Due to our many years of experience working as defence lawyers for insurance firms, we have the skills and experience to help you.We are able to predict and anticipate what the other side, the insurer, will do. Why? We used to work for them. The methods insurance companies use to deny you benefits and dispute your claims are familiar to us. We use that familiarity to your advantage.

They have legal advisers and insurance experts on their side from the beginning. So should you.

Before signing anything or talking to any insurance companies, adjusters, or lawyers for the other side or even your own insurer, call or email us for a free consultation. We will learn about your situation and explain your rights and options. We will not charge you until you have been compensated for your losses.

At Your Side From Beginning To End

Our personal injury lawyers in Toronto will also help you and your family through this difficult time with referrals to trusted health and non-health professionals who can provide practical help as you deal with your injury or other major changes in your life.

We are the lawyers who other lawyers go to, because they know that we are not afraid to take the difficult cases that other lawyers do not want or cannot handle with expertise.

Litigation is all we do. We will take on:

  • Cases that end up in court, including catastrophic and fatality cases
  • Injuries wrongfully classified as “minor injuries” or Minor Injury Guidelines (“MIG”)
  • Insurance denials, including bad faith claims
  • Appeals

Our lawyers will be honest with you. If you don’t have a case, we will tell you so and not waste your time and money. If your case has merit, we will not push you to settle unless we can settle your lawsuit both fairly and to your satisfaction. Whether you are searching for an experienced lawyer for a personal injury claim, an insurance law matter, a litigation matter or another legal issue within our areas of practice, please contact us.

Service In Your Community

The lawyers and staff at Bougadis Law Professional Corporation are as culturally diverse as Toronto. We speak:  Greek and Russian. We are deeply involved in our communities throughout Southern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area. Not only do we serve you in your own preferred language, but we also serve you with an understanding of your own culture, gladly helping you by explaining the sometimes confusing or intimidating features of the Ontario legal system that may be unfamiliar to you.

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Do not talk to the other side or even your own insurance adjuster until you know your rights. For more information about Bougadis Law Professional Corporation and how we can help you, call us at 416-703-2402.