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Toronto Insurance Lawsuit Lawyer

At Bougadis Law Professional Corporation, we have worked for insurance companies as defence counsel. We know the methods and practices insurers, including even your own insurance adjuster, use to deny benefits and dispute claims, and we can anticipate their moves. Our firm has the technology, experience, and connections to medical and investigative professionals that will help you win your case.Our Toronto insurance lawsuit lawyers can handle insurance denials of all kinds, including those that other lawyers will not touch. For example, we will handle cases in which brokers have not paid a client’s premiums. We can also get involved in arbitrations between insurance companies if there is a claim that could be covered by two different companies, but both are refusing to pay.

We will also represent you if you have been named as a defendant in a lawsuit and the claim either exceeds your insurance coverage or you are denied insurance coverage.

We handle both personal insurance for individuals and commercial insurance for companies and professional associations. Our insurance litigation lawyers have experience with all kinds of insurance, including:

  • Homeowners insurance
  • Motor vehicle insurance
  • Fire and flood insurance
  • Business insurance (Commercial General Liability (“CGL”))
  • Directors and officers liability insurance (D&O)
  • Errors and omissions insurance (E&O)
  • Professional negligence
  • Life insurance and critical illness insurance

Bad Faith

It is reasonable for insurance companies to want to protect themselves from wrongful claims and to save money, and it is common for them to use lawful means to protect their own interests and profits.

However, sometimes, insurance companies act in bad faith against their own clients’ best interests. Insurers may accuse their own clients of lying or misrepresentation in order to pressure them to accept lower benefits than they deserve simply because they know that many clients cannot afford to fight for their rights or go to Court.

We will fight for your rights and protect them from these bad faith actions. If necessary, we will try to get exemplary or aggravated damages on your behalf. These are damages above and beyond what the insurance company should have paid you in the first place, designed to punish them and warn other insurance companies to not treat their clients in the same manner or with disrespect.

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