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Honda Canada discusses expanded recalls

Honda Motor Co. is one of the most popular automakers in the world. The company sells its vehicles, including the Civic and Accord, to consumers from one side of the globe to the next.

In North America, Honda has a long standing reputation for reliability. Unfortunately, this has come under fire as of late, thanks to its use of Takata air bag inflators.

According to recent reports, American Honda is in the process of recalling approximately 1.39 million vehicles to replace a potentially defective air bag. This includes roughly 350,000 vehicles that were discussed in the initial recall last month.

Auto safety regulators continue to make progress on this front, noting that Takata finally admitted in May that there are defects in its air bag inflators.

Honda Canada is also faced with the same problem as its American counterpart. Its most recent recall will include more than 235,000 vehicles. This includes a variety of Civic and Accord models, as well as some Acura 1.7EL vehicles ranging in year from 2001 to 2005.

To this point, seven deaths have been linked to a defective Takata air bag. It is the hopes of Honda that making this recall will allow it to avoid any of its vehicle’s drivers being injured or killed.

In all fairness to Honda, it was not the only automaker impacted by the recall. Many others also relied on Takata for its air bags. Of course, this does nothing to change the fact that a defective air bag increases the chance of injury or death in the event of an accident.

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