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2 motorcyclists injured in 2 collisions, 1 Ontario driver charged

Authorities say that two motorcyclists were injured in different crashes on March 13 in Haldimand County. One of the accidents involved only a motorcyclist crashing at the intersection of Regional Road 70 and St. John’s Road in the afternoon. The unidentified driver was hospitalised with non-life-threatening injuries.

In the other crash, a Pontiac heading north on Highway 6 was attempting to make a left-hand turn at First Line Road just as a Harley Davidson heading south on the highway was approaching the intersection. The two vehicles collided at around 12:45 p.m., forcing authorities to close the area for several hours during an initial investigation.

The 49-year-old male motorcyclist was hospitalised with serious injuries. Later, he was transferred to a hospital in Hamilton via air ambulance. The 76-year-old female Pontiac driver did not suffer any injuries in the collision. Authorities have charged her with making an unsafe turn.

Motorcyclists and other drivers must follow the rules of the road and are obligated under law to exhibit due care. It is especially important for them to remain aware of motorcyclists because they do not have a lot of protection from injury if other vehicles run into them. There is often a higher risk of car-motorcycle collisions resulting in fatalities than some other types of passenger vehicle accidents.

When traffic accidents occur, those who did not display due care might be held responsible. This could mean that the victims qualify for compensation through personal injury lawsuits filed against the at-fault drivers. While the victims may receive some benefits from their own insurance companies, filing claims might allow them to recover more of the damages that they suffered.

Source: Simcoe Reformer, “Motorcyclist suffers major injuries; driver charged,” March 13, 2015