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Rising Car and Home Insurance Premiums?

CPP has suffered a loss in value due to the ongoing stock market problems, unsurprising given the gloom and doom of the Euro zone financial problems, along with the significant US debt issues.

Are insurers also going to suffer losses in their stock holdings in 2011?

If they do, expect car and home insurance rates to rise.

Here is FSCO’s latest approval of car insurance rate increases for the 3rd quarter of 2011.… Continue Reading

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Remarkable Article About the Late Chief Justice of Canada – Loss of Confidence of His Peers Led to 1999 Resignation

This article in The Lawyers Weekly discloses commentary by fellow former Supreme Court of Canada judges, who confirm that they confronted the late Chief Justice of Canada, Antonio Lamer, about his job performance issues.

This article is unusual in that it is rare to have former Judges speak to the media, in Canada, about their former colleagues.

Gregory Chang
Toronto Insurance Lawyer… Continue Reading


How Much are Judges Paid?

The recent case Ontario Deputy Judges Association v. Ontario (2009 Ontario Superior Court – Divisional Court) deals with the rate of pay appropriate for Deputy Judges in Ontario.

Deputy Judges work in Ontario’s Small Claims Court, which is the busiest Court in the province.  Over 25 years ago, the jurisdictional limit of Small Claims Court was to hear matters involving no more than $1,000 in dispute.  In 2001, the jurisdictional limit increased to $10,000.  It is anticipated that in a few months, in January, 2010, that Ontario’s Small Claims Court will have jurisdiction over matters up to $25,000 – you can see our March 11, 2009 blog for further details.… Continue Reading


City of Toronto’s Garbage Strike Goes to Court

The City of Toronto has been dealing with a strike for the past month which has included most garbage removal services.

The City’s health officer noticed the beginnings of a fly infestation at the temporary garbage site at Christie Pitts on July 3, 2009 and ordered that pest control be undertaken.

When the pest control truck arrived on scene, the union picketers appeared to refuse to allow the pest control person access to the garbage site, even though the union was given a copy of order from the City health inspector.… Continue Reading


Investigative Powers for the 21st Century Act > Proposed Legislation

As widely reported, the federal government has just introduced Bill C-46 and Bill C-47 which propose to increase the responsibility of internet providers to keep information about users and materials sent over their systems and potentially increase the access of police forces to this information.

Reporting by the CBC and others has been extensive, focusing generally on privacy concerns.

Both Bills have only been introduced in First Reading and it is unclear whether they ultimately will be passed.

In Ontario as background, the Information and Privacy Commissioner (Ontario) office deals with privacy concerns of Ontarians.… Continue Reading

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Law Society – Immigration Panel Discussion

On May 5, 2009, the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (FACL) is proud to be one of several organizations involved with hosting apublic forum on immigration issues and trends, in celebration of Asian and South Asian Heritage Month in Ontario, as presented by the Law Society of Upper Canada.  Various organizations have come together to host this forum to share information on immigration and diversity issues affecting our communities.

The reception and forum is open to the public and admission is free; registration in advance is required.… Continue Reading