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Safety Ratings for Cars > 5 Star System

Last week, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in the United States released a new rating system for testing vehicles and evaluating their safety and crash worthiness.  The NHTSA system is ubiquitous in North America; Canadian consumers are referred to these standards both in car advertisements and on the internet.

In the personal injury industry, side impact or T-bone collisions are far too common, as are head-on collisions.… Continue Reading

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Slip and Fall on Ice > 5 Months to Notify City is Reasonable

It is generally difficult to pursue the City of Toronto and other Ontario municipalities for failure to clear their sidewalks of ice and snow.

First, you must send a notice letter properly to the City immediately after your accident, within 10 days of your slip and fall accident.  This applies even if you are in the hospital.  The exceptions are limited.

Then, you must prove negligence on the part of the City for failing to maintain their sidewalks, found in s.44(9) of the Municipal Act, 2001, which reads:

Expert in case of gross negligence, a municipality is not liable for a personal injury caused by snow or ice on a sidewalk.… Continue Reading

Pedestrian Deaths and Injuries – Fault, Blame, Negligence and Senseless Waste

Recently in the Toronto area, there have been rash of pedestrian deaths and this has captured some of the media spotlight.

We remind readers that the issue is not that there are approximately 30 pedestrian deaths per year. The issue is that approximately 2,300 people are injured as pedestrians every year in the Toronto area.

2,300 injured pedestrians per year.

What would it cost most drivers to avoid an accident? The inconvenience of slowing down by taking your foot off the accelerator or depressing your brakes?… Continue Reading

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Electric Bike or Moped? In An Accident, Electric Bike Owners May Lose Twice

With the growing popularity of alternative vehicles in Ontario, the government is undergoing a review of various forms of transportation.  This includes electric bikes (“e-bikes”) and/or scooters, mopeds, motor tricycles, motorized wheelchairs, low speed vehicles and those unique machines named Segway transporters.

You can read the Ontario government’s outline of these different types of vehicle and the requirements which surround each.

As a commuter, I now see e-bike riders daily in good weather, wearing helmets, driving in the curb lane just like a bicyclist.… Continue Reading

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Car and Road Laws are Getting Tougher in Ontario

Some of Ontario’s laws are attempting to make car and road use safer in our province. Changes include the prohibition of cell phone use while driving and prohibition of smoking in a car with minors present.

Most recent are the changes in Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act, which has imposed speed limiters upon all tractor trailers operating in the province.

Speed limiters prevent tractor trailers and other large commercial vehicles from exceeding 105 km/hr.

The speed limiter law is found in s.68.1 of the Highway Traffic Act as well as the accompanying Regulation.… Continue Reading

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