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Safety Ratings for Cars > 5 Star System

Last week, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) in the United States released a new rating system for testing vehicles and evaluating their safety and crash worthiness.  The NHTSA system is ubiquitous in North America; Canadian consumers are referred to these standards both in car advertisements and on the internet.

In the personal injury industry, side impact or T-bone collisions are far too common, as are head-on collisions. A more rigorous testing standard can only help consumers make informed choices.

It would also be expected that these ratings will continue to influence the insurance premiums for specific cars.

With the rise of texting while driving, issues of car safety will continue to be on the fore front of consumers.  Readers can review our April 24/2009 blog for information about Ontario’s legislation to counter distracted driving, which currently is a $155 fine if you drive and text.