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2 injured in accident between car and motorcycle

A man and woman were critically injured in Toronto in a collision between a car, motorcycle and pedestrian on the evening of April 6. The car accident took place near the intersection of St. Clair Avenue East and Yonge Street about 5:30 p.m. According to witnesses, just before the accident, three motorcycles were headed north on Yonge Street.

A vehicle headed south was trying to make a left turn as the three motorcycles approached the intersection with Pleasant Boulevard. A police sergeant said that the motorist might or might not have seen the oncoming motorcycles.… Continue Reading

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5 hospitalised after Ontario head-on accident

Hamilton police and firefighters say that five people were sent to hospitals after a head-on accident on March 23. The motor vehicle accident, which involved a car and an SUV, took place on Wilson Street near Alberton Road at about 12:30 p.m.

Officials did not give any details as to how the accident happened, but the section of road was shut down while the collision reconstruction unit investigated the scene and cleanup crews cleared the wreckage. They are still trying to determine if alcohol or speed contributed to the car accident.… Continue Reading

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4 more GM cars added to recall over faulty switch

Owners of 235,855 General Motors vehicles in Ontario and nationwide might have been informed that their vehicles are part of a recall that recently added four more models. A total of 1.37 million vehicles are affected by the recall action due to concern that a faulty ignition switch could lead to car accidents after shutting off the engines and electrical systems unexpectedly.

The danger to motorists after such an event is compounded by the fact that the vehicles’ airbags will not inflate without the electrical system being operational.… Continue Reading

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Minor Injury Guideline Appeal: A Big Step Back for People Injured in Car Accidents

In a big win for insurers and a big loss for people involved in Ontario car accidents, the FSCO decision of Scarlett and Belair, FSCO A12-001079 (Arbitrator Wilson), has been overturned and a new hearing is to be held into the applicability of the MIG to an insured who developed psychological, chronic pain and TMJ (temporomandicular joint) issues some time after her MVA (and whether the insurer has an ongoing duty to re-assess the insured as to the MIG’s applicability) Belair and Scarlett, FSCO Appeal Order P13-00014 (Director Evans).… Continue Reading


Poorly Maintained Road Caused Your Car Accident? Notify the City Immediately…To Protect Your Right to Sue

The Issue

A poorly maintained road – like a pothole, poor lighting, unmarked curves – leads to your car accident You are badly hurt and then sue to claim damages for your losses You do not give the municipality, who you allege maintained the road badly, with early notice of your accident, injury and losses You instead wait almost two years to sue, then serve your Statement of Claim upon the municipality Are you allowed to maintain your claim, when the Municipal Act, 2001 S.O.Continue Reading


Ontario Car Accident: Qualifying for Attendant Care Benefits is More Difficult Now

The Issue

Ontario’s SABS (Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule) have continued to change and evolve, to limit insurance payouts arising from car accidents One of the changes on September 1, 2010 was to attendant care benefits Now a relative, unemployed prior to the accident, may not qualify for payment for their attendant care services The reason is that the relative has to show that s/he has “sustained an economic loss as a result of providing the goods or services” to the injured person

Since 1990, the automobile no-fault accident benefits insurance scheme in Ontario has been revised on an almost continuous basis with the stated purpose by the insurance industry to maintain some limits on insurance costs.… Continue Reading


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