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2 injured in accident between car and motorcycle

A man and woman were critically injured in Toronto in a collision between a car, motorcycle and pedestrian on the evening of April 6. The car accident took place near the intersection of St. Clair Avenue East and Yonge Street about 5:30 p.m. According to witnesses, just before the accident, three motorcycles were headed north on Yonge Street.

A vehicle headed south was trying to make a left turn as the three motorcycles approached the intersection with Pleasant Boulevard. A police sergeant said that the motorist might or might not have seen the oncoming motorcycles. As the motorist made the turn, his car clipped one of the motorcycles, causing the rider to lose control, hit a curb and strike a pedestrian while being thrown from the bike. The accident is being investigated by a crash reconstruction team.

When there is an accident involving fatalities or serious injuries, investigators often perform an accident reconstruction. Specially trained investigators may collect evidence and take photographs of the vehicles and the accident scene in order to reconstruct the events leading up to and during the collision. Using computer modeling and other techniques, they may determine road conditions, the speed of all involved vehicles, and whether alcohol or drugs played a role.

If the accident report makes it clear that one driver was at fault for the accident, a personal injury lawyer may use this information to persuade the driver’s insurer to pay a fair settlement to the injured parties without resorting to litigation. On the other hand, if the insurer is not willing to pay an adequate amount following the filing of a personal injury claim and the case goes to court, the report may convince a jury to decide in favor of the plaintiff.

Source: CTV Toronto, “Man, woman suffer critical injuries after motorcycle, car collide“, April 06, 2014