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Ontario Security For Costs: Barrier for a Plaintiff’s Lawsuit

Security for costs motions are yet another road block that personal injury plaintiffs can expect if they live outside of Canada while their tort lawsuit is active. The theory being that if you live outside the jurisdiction and the defendant successfully defeats your lawsuit, then you will be a difficult target for the defendant to ‘chase’ for payment of their legal costs for having to defend your lawsuit.

In the recent case of Kurtz v. Carquest Canada Ltd., 2013 ONSC 7683 (CanLII), this arose in the context of a wrongful dismissal lawsuit, where after the alleged dismissal, the employee moved from Canada to live in the United States.… Continue Reading

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Is a Fractured Left Knee a Serious and Permanent Injury?

The Issue

In order to recover pain and suffering damages in Ontario, if challenged by the defendant insurer by way of threshold motion, you have to prove that your injuries are a “permanent serious impairment of an important physical, mental or psychological function”.

If as the plaintiff you do not prove your case or surpass this threshold test, then you will be denied the ability to collect pain and suffering damages for your injuries.

Why This Matters

Insurance companies are only required to pay pain and suffering damages to people hurt in Ontario car accidents if the plaintiff’s injuries surpass the Bill 198 threshold described above.… Continue Reading

You Must Pay Before You Can Sue: $200,000 in Security for Costs Awarded

The Issue

In certain situations, the Court can order that a plaintiff (bringing a lawsuit) must pay money into Court as a pre-condition to continuing their lawsuit.

Why This Matters

The recent Ontario Superior Court of Justice case of Future Health Inc. v. Economical Mutual Insurance Company, 2012 ONSC 4308 (CanLII) deals with a plaintiff company that was bankrupt and bringing this lawsuit against the defendant.  The plaintiff bankrupt company was ordered to pay security for costs, arising from the concern that the plaintiff had ‘nothing to lose’ with the lawsuit – i.e.… Continue Reading

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Court orders security for costs, cites cost of enforcing costs award

Case CommentLesecq v. Ottawa Montessori School, 89 O.R. (3d) 62, 2008 CanLII 580 (S.C.)


Security for costs may be ordered to prevent a party who is not under the immediate jurisdiction of a court or tribunal from escaping responsibility for an adverse cost award. Orders to post security for costs are common in personal injury actions where a plaintiff has been injured within the jurisdiction (frequently while on holiday) and then returns to his or her jurisdiction of residence after commencing an action or damages.… Continue Reading

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