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Home Buyers Take Note > Coverage for Home Builders > Duty to Defend and Insurance Policies

When buying a new home, you probably assume that if there is any terribly wrong with your new home, that you can sue the builder and that this builder will have an insurance policy to back them up.

That is, you probably do not expect that you will be chasing only the builder’s assets, which may not be substantial.

So, for example, if you purchase a new home which later shows “significant water damage caused rot, infestation and deterioration”, then when you sue, will there be an insurance policy protecting the builder and thereby responding to your lawsuit?… Continue Reading

Auto Insurance > Unique Insurance Coverage

An interesting recent article in The Lawyers Weekly by Eric Knutsen entitled, “Auto Insurance as a Social Contract.”  Mr. Knutsen begins his article as follows:

Automobile insurance in Canada is a product with a decidedly public purpose. It is a driver-funded source of compensation for motor vehicle accident victims – one of the important foundations of Canada’s social safety network.

Provincial governments are heavily involved in the regulation and operation of the automobile insurance regime in the interest of the public.… Continue Reading

Selling Your Home Yourself > Legal Issues and Problems

As widely reported, the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) and the Competition Bureau have negotiated a resolution to the proceedings brought by the Competition Bureau regarding the MLS closed system of real estate listings for residential and commercial properties.

The agreement was recently ratified by CREA’s membership, as reported in the Globe and Mail.

The agreement will last for 10 years, as indicated on the Competition Bureau’s website.

The actual case before the Competition Tribunal can be found here.… Continue Reading