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Statutory Accident Benefits Coverages and car accidents

In Ontario, all insurance policies carry what is termed Statutory Accident Benefits Coverages, which mandates the provision of certain categories of benefits in the event someone is injured in an automobile accident. Under the law, people who are injured or the families of those killed may be compensated for certain types of losses.

By filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s policy, injured people may receive money to replace lost income. If a person does not have wages from work and is not a caregiver, he or she may still be able to receive compensation if he or she is no longer able to carry on normally. Caregiver compensation is available to people who provide care services for others in order to compensate for expenses.

People are also able to receive compensation for medical and rehabilitation expenses incurred because of the accident. If a personal aide is required to help with daily activities, compensation to pay for the aide. Additional benefits may be available for such things as lost education costs, housekeeping, property losses and the family’s transportation costs to visit the injured person in the hospital. If a person is killed in an accident, his or her family may be entitled to receive death benefits and funeral expenses.

The coverage is mandated in order to help cover the expenses of people who are injured in acar accident in the province. Injured people sometimes find that getting the help of a personal injury lawyer to file the claim may help them to recover more types of damages than if they file without help. It may make sense for people to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer regarding the accident. Through a claim, people may be able to seek and recover compensation for all of the losses they sustained.

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