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4 hurt in Ontario bus collision

According to police, a Dec. 27 accident involving two Toronto Transit Commission vehicles, a bus and a streetcar, left four individuals injured. The investigation into the cause of the collision is reportedly ongoing.

The two-vehicle accident transpired at about 10:15 a.m. That is when the southbound bus purportedly struck the northbound streetcar at the intersection of Danforth Avenue and Main Street. Officials said the bus was attempting to make a left turn at the time of the crash. Emergency personnel took four individuals to hospitals, where they were treated for minor injuries. One of the injured individuals had been extracted from an involved vehicle on a backboard, apparently.

Whenever people are involved in accidents with large motor vehicles, there is significant potential for catastrophe, and the injuries that accident victims suffer sometimes do not reveal themselves in full until days after the event. In some cases, injuries that appear minor immediately after the motor vehicle accident manifest their actual severity throughout the weeks and months to come, inflicting the accident victim with debilitating pain and a limited range of motion, to the point that victims cannot properly function let alone go to work.

A personal injury lawyer may help these victims, by putting together a civil claim aimed at holding the at-fault motorists liable for the accident. In this way, accident victims may recover financial losses stemming from doctor bills and missed workdays. In order to prevail, the claim must be substantiated by a preponderance of evidence. Toward this end, the lawyer may obtain accident reports, witness accounts and the victim’s medical reports to present to the court.

Source: CBC News, “TTC streetcar hits bus head-on, 4 injured“, December 27, 2014