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Medical, rehabilitation benefits for Ontario accident victims

People who are victims of car accidents may be entitled to medical and rehabilitation benefits under the Insurance Act, otherwise known as the Statutory Accident Benefits Schedule, if they were insured at the time of the crashes. These minimum benefits are stipulated in the Act for victims who become impaired.

The Act provides that all the necessary and reasonable medical expenses that the injured incurred, be reimbursed or paid for. This includes ambulance, hospital, surgical, nursing, optometric and dental services. Other medical benefits that are typically included are medications, mobility devices, hearing aids, occupational therapy and chiropractic services. Other medical services that the victims required as a result of their injuries may be covered also.

Also under the Act, car accident victims might be entitled to rehabilitation benefits if they need therapy or other services to help them reduce or eliminate the effects of a disability that they suffered because of their injuries. All necessary and reasonable bills incurred or paid for by the victims to be rehabilitated, to rejoin their families and society and to return to work, could also be covered under the provisions of the Act.

Car accident victims who were 15 and older at the time of the collisions may be entitled to these benefits only during the subsequent 10 years. Children who were younger than 15 when they were injured may be entitled to benefits until they turn 25.

While these are the general medical and rehabilitation benefits available to eligible car accident victims, the Insurance Act also imposes monetary limits on the benefits that they receive. It could be beneficial for the victims to talk to personal injury lawyers about their case to determine their best options before filing a claim.

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