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Police looking for hit-and-run driver

Ontario Provincial Police say one person was injured in a hit-and-run accident on Aug. 18. The crash involved three vehicles that collided on County Road 17 in Wendover shortly before 3 p.m. The female driver who was hurt in the accident was reported to have suffered non-life-threatening injuries. She was the only occupant of her vehicle.

Police say the car accident took place when the driver of a blue Mazda 3 attempted to pass a Kia. After the Mazda hit the Kia, the Kia collided with a truck that was driving in the opposite lane of traffic. Following the collisions, the Mazda driver apparently fled the scene. The driver was reported to be traveling eastbound out of the Wendover area, and the vehicle was described as a two-door hatchback model.

After the crash, authorities shut down County Road 17 and advised drivers to take a detour between County Road 19 and County Road 25. Police also requested any possible witnesses to the accident or people with relevant information to get in contact with Ontario Provincial Police’s Hawkesbury detachment.

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Source: Ottawa Citizen, “Police probe hit-and-run crash in Wendover“, Aug. 18, 2014