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Who says Shinny Hockey is free?

Earlier this month, the Quebec Superior Court awarded $44,000 to the parents of a 9 year old boy who suffered personal injury and lost some teeth while skating on a public outdoor rink.  The accident occurred when a 15 year old boy, playing shinny hockey on the same outdoor rink, negligently shot a puck and hit the 9 year old in the face. The case went to Trial and the victim was awarded damages reimbursing him for some of his medical expenses incurred and loss suffered.


You can find the actual decision (in French) of Daigneault c. Gallant.  This is the Toronto Star newspaper article covering this personal injury judgment.


It should be noted that Quebec law is governed by the Civil Code of Quebec and this case was decided in accordance with the Civil Code.


Ontario does not have a Civil Code and therefore this Quebec Court judgment has limited applicability to an Ontario sports injury accident.  It does, however, illustrate that personal responsibility for your actions extends to all situations, including children’s hockey.


Gregory Chang

Toronto Insurance Litigation Lawyer