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Preventing the causes of falling on stairs

Stairs can hazardous, whether they are in an Ontario home or business. The injuries that may be suffered from stairway falls are sometimes serious and cause long-term damage to the body. There are many reasons why people fall on stairs, but there are also ways that falls can be prevented.

One cause for stairway falls is hard-to-see steps because of poor lighting and poor step design. Improving lighting so that the stairs are clearly visible without creating shadows is one way to prevent falls. The steps also should not have visually distracting patterns, and the edges should be permanently marked to improve visibility.

Dysfunctional or loose handrails is another cause of stairway falls. Handrails are a safety feature on the stairs and need to be properly maintained and functional. They should be positioned around the elbow height of adults, and adults should be able to hold the handrails with their fingers wrapped underneath. Broken or loose handrails must be repaired and securely attached to posts and walls. Adults should be able to put all of their weight on it without it, the posts or walls being damaged.

In addition, the tread on the steps that do not have carpet, should be cared for properly. A rough, slip-resistant finish should be used on steps that may get wet, whether from liquid spills, cleaning or outside elements. Tread surfaces may also require repair or replacement.

When people slip and fall on stairs, they could obtain compensation for their injuries if the property owner did not maintain the area properly. The law requires businesses to keep their premises properly maintained. Failure to ensure that outside stairs are free of slippery hazards, such as snow and ice, may be evidence of negligence and liability for a victim’s damages.