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Deadly crash kills 1, injures 3 in Ontario

On Feb. 20, a two-vehicle accident that claimed the life of a 35-year-old man occurred on Highway 17 in northern Ontario, according to a report. Three other individuals who were involved suffered injuries and were hospitalized.

According to the police, the crash happened about 15 kilometres west of Marathon when a vehicle travelling westbound on the highway failed to negotiate a curve and struck the guide rail. The disabled vehicle, which became lodged in the guide rail, was also partly in the roadway. An eastbound driver noticed the disabled vehicle and pulled over to offer assistance. While the motorists were waiting for additional help, a third motorist, who was heading westbound, suddenly veered over, crashed into the initial disabled car and injured the two men.

When they arrived at the scene, emergency personnel assisted four individuals who were injured in the crash and took them to a nearby hospital for treatment. One of the victims, an Orillia man, died shortly after he was transported to hospital. Another victim, a Marathon man, suffered head injuries and may have been transferred to another hospital where he was given additional treatment. The other two victims were treated for minor injuries and were discharged from hospital.

Victims who survive serious car accidents, but retain a catastrophic injury may have their lives completely altered during a long recovery period. Under the Family Law Act, such victims could be reimbursed for their losses if a negligent driver caused the wreck. Similar compensation might also be sought by the family of a deceased victim. If the plaintiff’s accusations of driver negligence are founded, the courts may award them a sum to cover any accident-related losses.

Source: Orilla Packet, “Orillia man killed in northern Ontario crash,” Feb. 21, 2015

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