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Whiplash is a common but painful neck injury

Your neck is a very flexible part of your body. Think of how many different ways you can move your head. All of that movement is made possible by your neck. When you are involved in a car accident, the flexibility of your neck can lead to an injury known as whiplash. This is because the extreme movements of your neck during the accident might injure the structures, such as the discs, ligaments and muscles, that are part of your neck.

In the past, whiplash injuries were treated in a very conservative manner. The treatment consisted of wearing a cervical collar, or neck brace, for a prolonged period of time. It is now known that this type of conservative treatment can considerably lengthen the recovery time associated with a whiplash injury.

Seek compensation for brain injuries after accidents

As we discussed last week, brain injuries can lead to a variety of changes in the victim. We focused on the emotional changes that might occur in the brain injury victim. Those changes, however, are only a small sampling of the overall changes that can occur. Some brain injury victims might suffer from hearing difficulties, fine motor skill troubles, memory issues and difficulty learning. All of this can make life very challenging for the victim.

We know that coping with a brain injury isn't easy. In some cases, the financial impact of the injury is big enough that it affects other aspects of life. The high cost of care might mean that you have to downgrade your standard of living. We want you to know that you have the right to explore your options for seeking compensation to help cover the costs of living life with a brain injury.

The impact of a spinal cord injury

If you or a loved one suffers a spinal cord injury, you can expect this to change your life in many ways. While some of these injuries can be healed over time, most result in some level of permanent damage. As a result, the patient will require ongoing treatment.

Spinal cord injuries can be the result of the following:

Honda Canada discusses expanded recalls

Honda Motor Co. is one of the most popular automakers in the world. The company sells its vehicles, including the Civic and Accord, to consumers from one side of the globe to the next.

In North America, Honda has a long standing reputation for reliability. Unfortunately, this has come under fire as of late, thanks to its use of Takata air bag inflators.

The cause and result of a traumatic brain injury

When you suffer any type of brain injury, there is a chance it could alter your life forever. This is particularly true in the event of a traumatic brain injury. Your ability to take care of yourself and your family could be compromised. Furthermore, you may not be able to return to work.

There are many causes of a traumatic brain injury. For example, this could be the result of a motor vehicle accident. The same holds true for a slip and fall or sports accident.

Reasonable Notice for 26 Year Secretary is 21 Months

Background - An Employer's Responsibility

An employer's responsibility is to provide reasonable notice of termination to a long-term employee, if the termination is 'without cause'.

Termination or firing 'for cause' might include such offences or breaches of the employment contract such as theft or dishonesty. 

But assuming this there are no human rights code violations or discriminatory practices, generally an employer is entitled to terminate or fire an employee, but the employer will have to provide reasonable notice or pay severance in lieu of notice. 

Ontario hopes new legislation prevents on the road accidents

The recent passing of the Making Ontario's Roads Safer Act will go a long way in ensuring that Ontario roadways are among the safest in the country.

In an attempt to prevent motor vehicle accidents and related injuries and deaths, the act will do the following, plus more:

Many traumatic brain injury patients later readmitted

It is easy to believe that treatment for a traumatic brain injury ends when the patient is cleared by a medical professional and discharged from the hospital. However, a recent study by Canadian researchers, published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, shows that this is not true.

The study took into account approximately 30,000 patients discharged from Ontario hospitals after treatment for a traumatic brain injury.

Vehicle technology can help prevent accidents

Automakers realize the importance of manufacturing safe vehicles. With the help of advanced technology, these companies have been able to improve in this area with each passing year.

There is nothing automakers can do to prevent all accidents. There will always be times when a person makes the wrong decision on the road, thus leading to an accident that involves one or more vehicle.

What are the costs of spinal cord injury?

A spinal cord injury can change a person's life forever. Not only can this lead to paralysis, but it can have a negative impact on the injured party's finances.

The good thing is this: medicine and technology have come a long way. This means that anybody who suffers a spinal cord injury is able to get some type of treatment that allows him or her to improve his or her life and have a better outlook for the future.