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Losing your job can be traumatic, both emotionally and financially, both for you and also for your family. Although there are legitimate reasons to lose your job, such as budget cutbacks or the end of a contract, there are also many regulations in place to protect workers from being treated unfairly by their employers. They regulate how and when employers are allowed to dismiss employees and include all sorts of benefits that employers must provide for their terminated employees. They also include protections against firing employees for certain reasons, such as: race, gender, age, sexual orientation or health, or for no reason at all.If you think your employer has ignored those regulations, you may need a lawyer. Bougadis Law Professional Corporation would like to help you. Whatever you do, and especially before you sign or accept any severance or termination offer from your employer, please consult a wrongful dismissal lawyer at Bougadis Law Professional Corporation without charge or obligation.

Why Talk To Us

A hostile work environment can be a factor in terminations. If you are experiencing hostility or discrimination based on anything – especially disability – come and talk to our wrongful dismissal lawyers. You may be in a situation in which you are treated so unfairly at work or your job description has changed so drastically that you want to resign. This may be done deliberately to avoid paying you the benefits you will receive if you are fired.

Many employers also find it easier to fire employees than to work with them if they have serious or chronic ongoing health issues. If this is the case for you, you do not have to accept being terminated. We can explain your rights as an employee with health issues and help you either keep your job or make sure your severance package and the way you are terminated is fair.

Wrongful dismissal can take many forms, and often our clients don’t know what they are entitled to upon termination, such as:

  • Severance pay including sick days and vacation
  • Benefits (health, dental prescriptions, etc.)
  • Three (3) to twenty-four (24) months’ notice or more
  • Car, computer, marketing, and/or cell phone allowance
  • Pension (RRSP matching; Union; defined or undefined benefit)

If your employer is pressuring you to accept a severance package, don’t do so until you have talked with legal counsel. Even if your employer tells you that what you are getting is all that is in your contract, consult a lawyer. There may be more available to you under Ontario employment, wrongful dismissal and/or labour law.

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