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Toronto Insurance Defence And Bad Faith Lawyers

Insurance companies do not simply sell insurance; they also sell peace of mind. When you pay premiums into a policy, you expect that your insurance company will help you when you need it to and that it will honour its promises. When it does not, you do not just suffer the cost of your current crisis: You are denied the outcome you have spent a great deal of money in premiums to ensure.

We Have Served Thousands Of Clients Over The Years

At Bougadis Law Professional Corporation, we have defended the interests of thousands of clients in the Greater Toronto, Southern Ontario, Oakville and Richmond Hill areas whose insurance companies have neglected to honour their commitments. We can be your lawyers for all kinds of personal insurance and residential insurance cases, including cases of life, long-term disability, and critical illness personal insurance and/or fire, flood, and mold damage to your home.

We will help you determine why your company is refusing to honour its commitment to you and fight to get you what you paid for. We will also determine if this is a case of bad faith in which the insurance company tries to defeat your claim even though it knows or ought to know that it is legitimate. Contact us online today to schedule your appointment.

Acting As Private Defence Counsel

Our lawyers will also be your private defence counsel in situations such as:

  • If you are named in a personal liability claim either but denied insurance coverage
  • Advised by your own insurer that the claim exceeds your policy limits
  • Asked by your own insurer to sign a document that protects the insurer and does not protect you, variously called: a reservation or rights or waiver of estoppel.

Waiver of estoppels are usually used by insurers in cases such as slip-and-falls in your house, in which your insurance company refuses to cover you or your coverage is less than the amount for which you are being sued. For example, if your insurance covers you for up to $1 million, but you are being sued for $1.2 million, your insurance company will provide lawyers to defend you only up to your coverage limits. We can be your lawyers for the rest of the claim.

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