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Toronto Commercial Litigation Lawyer

When you hire Bougadis Law Professional Corporation, you get personal service in your commercial disputes. In contrast to many large firms where teams of lawyers handle commercial cases, the lawyer you hire will be your main point of contact and you will be in frequent communication with him or her. Your file will not be lost in the shuffle; your lawyer will know exactly who you are, what your needs are and what your “definition of success” in the commercial litigation or arbitration is exactly. Nevertheless, we provide results that are competitive with the larger firms, at prices that are competitive as well. Our commercial litigation lawyers handle many varied disputes including contractual disputes, breaches of contract and insurance denials for small and medium-sized businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. Many of our clients have disputes with service providers that must be resolved through arbitration, private Court, mediation, and when necessary, we represent our clients in those courts.

Commercial Litigation For The Greater Toronto Area

Many of our commercial litigation clients come to us from the various cultural communities of Toronto. As involved members of these communities, our lawyers are very aware of the importance of maintaining relationships, especially when commercial conflicts involve clients from the same cultural community. We may be able to help you resolve your dispute with a greater understanding of the cultural expectations of the business community involved and your place within it.

We are also in a unique position to understand some of the special challenges faced by clients who are involved in commercial disputes that are not only carried out in a different language, but in a different legal system with different expectations. Our lawyers will take the time to help you have a better understanding of your rights and options under Ontario business law practices.

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